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drpeterbhiro.com Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift

Dr. Peter Bhiro

The Platelet Rich Plasma FaceLift is a specialized non-surgical procedure that restores youthfulness and vitality to the aging face. It's a fact of life that all of us will be plagued with lines and wrinkles as we age. Thankfully the marriage of nature and science has merged to provide us a state of the art method to combat these telltale signs of aging.

This pleasant 21st century medical procedure utilizes the power of your own stem cells and growth factors. The telltale signs of aging first noticed by others; on our faces, necks, and hands are out there for the entire world to see.

The first impression we make is with our face. What impression are you presenting to the world when you interact at work or at play?

Droopy tired facial appearance?

Forehead wrinkles?

Sagging Cheeks?

Lines around the mouth?

Dull "un-radiant" facial skin?

Angry look with frown lines?

Dark circles under the eyes?

Facial folds and furrows?

Thin Lips?

Wrinkles on outer corner of the eyes?


Perhaps, you're one of the many who has undergone the expense of having a facial surgical procedure only to suffer for weeks with facial pain, swelling, and infection. Sad to say, there is a subset of patients who have undergone surgery only to regret the outcome and cost.

For those who desire a Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation experience that's completely natural and doesn't cost tens of thousands of dollars, we introduce the Vampire FaceLift!

The Platelet Rich Plasma FaceLift uses your blood; your own personal blood cells, not a stranger's or family member's blood. The procedure is very simple; instead of the inconvenience of going to an independent lab to have your blood drawn, you simply have a tiny tube of blood drawn from your arm at our office and this begins your procedure. Your tube of blood is placed into a centrifuge where your platelets are spun and separted from the rest of the cells. It's your very own platelet rich plasma that holds the key; once activated it's ready for injections.

This platelet rich plasma (PRP) aids in removing the telltale signs of aging. PRP is used throughout the medical world for its wound healing capabilities and therapeutic properties. One its most important benefits is the production of collagen which is of major importance in facial tissue regeneration. PRP generates new blood suppy, new skin, and fatty generation around each injection site.

The Procedure:

1) The facial area is made painless by the gentle application of a topical cream.

2) JUVEDERM, Hyaluronic Acid - a natural substance that the body normally makes is artfully applied, adding volume and foundational structure to your face in preparation for the PRP.

3) The Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP), is activated and applied with the use of a tiny needle. After the PRP is applied, months later it continues to lift your skin by producing new collegen, (that was lost with aging), and increases fresh blood flow. This process shapes your face and creates a refreshed, pleasing and more attractive appearance. PRP is the secret to generating lost collagen.

4) The beauty of this procedure is that it is completed in under an hour and requires no healing time as the side-effects are minimal. There is no doubt that you will look younger, considerably younger in the hands of an experienced Facial Rujevenation Physician.


1- Smoothening and tightening of facial skin.

2- Improvement and disappearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

3- Cheek volume is increased and the sagging hollow appearance disappears.


The benefit of the Platelet Rich Plasma FaceLift continues over time, well after the procedure is performed. Growth factors in the blood will continue to create collagen and new blood vessels resulting in enhancing your skin's appearance and quality.

For optimal maintenance and coninuted good results, it is recommended that the procedure be done every 10 months. If men and women in their 30's begin this route as a preventive measure, they may avoid looking "aged" as they approach their 50's, 60's and beyond.

Dr. Bhiro is a pre-eminent anti-aging specialist with years of experience in facial rejuvenation and is an honored provider of the Vampire FaceLift®. He was personally trained by the inventor of the procedure, Dr. Charles Runels.

Dr. Bhiro is one of the elite medical practitioners in the world privy to the Vampire FaceLift® trade-secrets. He would love to provide you with this state of the art Anti-Aging procedure and help you turn back the hands of time! Call to schedule your Vampire FaceLift® today!


The price of Vampire Facelift procedures vary upon the protocols used:

Vampire FaceLift® with Hyaluronic Acid filler $1900

Vampire Facelift (PRP only rejuvenation) $1,000

Vampire Facial (micro-needling only) $600

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